Divination Tea questions, texts and readings

Divination Tea, document of an informal social gatering around tea, cake, bibliomancy, the I Ching, questions and dialogue.

The following images and texts emerged from a Divination Tea event staged as part of the exhibition Essomenia Sat 17 Sept, 2011.

 I had asked participants to formulate their own questions regarding how our politics and participation in public life might be different, and what our ‘common future’ might look like, employing the I Ching and Bibliomancy we used participants favourite books to answer these questions. 

Participants at the event were: Paul Doherty a fellow exhibiting artist in Essomenia; Jessica Foley artist and writer; Helen Horgan artist; Claire Behan, curator and Aoife Woods artist.

The resulting I Ching readings and the artists’ own random readings hovered in an interesting way around the questions we had posed.

Jessica’s question


8. Pi / Holding Together (Union)

K’AN above, (The abysmal, water)

K’UN below, (The receptive, earth)


Paul’s question.


&2. K’UN / The Receptive Earth

K’UN above, ( The receptive Earth)

K’UN below, (The receptive Earth)


more to follow!

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