After Completion – Highlanes Gallery, Drogheda

A Group Performance in response to the Legs Foundation for the Translation of Things / Library, devised by Monica Flynn.
Fri 5 Oct 6.00 – 7.45pm @ Highlanes Gallery, Drogheda
6.00pm – Performance, Lower Gallery (a collaboration with 9 performers)
6.30pm – LFTT Library Talk with Helen Horgan / wine reception
7.15pm – Performance, follow-up

After Completion

From an initial interest in astrology I have been exploring divination practices as a means of creating ‘present-moment-spaces’ where I can engage others in dialogue or shared experience. In essence this focus in my work attempts to explore the connections between individual and collective beliefs and actions.

In the LFTT library, dogma sits alongside serious consideration of the mystical. Working in response to accounts of mysticism within the Library, this event After Completion aims to bring people together in a ritual meditative act.

After Completion, interprets a Chinese shamanic ritual that traces the line between ying and yang. This ritual predates the I Ching but is connected to the 63rd Hexagram which signifies climax and completion, a state of order, which hovers on the edge of chaos. I am interested in testing what happens when we enact something together; what happens when we engage in ritual centered on embodied experience rather than rational thought; what happens when we collectively suspend disbelief and take a collective leap into the unknown?

‘That thou mayest attain to that which thou knowest not, thou must go through that which thou knowest not.’ St John of the Cross pg. 215 in Mystical Phenomena, Compared with other Human and Diabolical Counterfeits by Mgr. Albert Farges, 1926 (a volume from the LFTT Library)

Monica Flynn, Sept 2012

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